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  • Jetsyn, (17.05.2016, 11:05)

    - If you think all the lore associated with previous expansions was served up in-game, have a look at /The Shrtneaitg/, /Wolfheart/, and /Stormrage/ for three examples of huge chunks of lore that you never saw in game.The first book, for example, explains who that Orc woman is that Thrall - excuse me, Go'el - is hanging out with all through Cata, how Prince Anduin has developed his powers, what exactly took place in Ironforge to give us a council of three where before there was one ... and so forth. http://neeoqd.com [url=http://pcikzoxuqe.com]pcikzoxuqe[/url] [link=http://szuoxx.com]szuoxx[/link]

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